Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

Just a quick note to share a few favorite things:

I bought several books from this series not long ago, but this is the first that I've shared with my 8 year-old. He's enjoying and learning from it! I'm enjoying and learning from it! The tone is light and playful without compromising important ideas and information.

Cullen is finding his current reading selection to be one of his favorites so far.

And while we're talking favorites, I am completely enamored with this:

Now back to work. We still have math and music to go today.

Told you it would be quick!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pics from Family Ski Trip

After taking much of December off from schooling, an easy start in the new year and a much-needed family vacation last week, I am raring to hit the books again! I can't, however, speak for the little guy. It looks like a few more days may be necessary before he settles back in to a routine.

So there being no school-related updates to share with you, here are a few photos of our time at Wolf Ridge, NC, last week.

Cullen in blue with his cousin/pal, Justin

A very patient instructor!


Big sister, Taylor, with zero falls!

Big brother, Eric, is too much the daredevil to say the same. ;o)
Sunset from Wolf Ridge