Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Creek Walk

On an absolutely gorgeous day last week, Cullen and I joined my cousin/friend Jamie, her daughter, Kathryn, and a few other homeschooling friends for a picnic and nature walk.

A trail through my favorite wooded area brought us to a creek that none of the kids could resist. All shoes off and all toes wet! This was Cullen's first creek-walk; Kathryn's, too, I think.

Everyone explored; only two out of seven managed to get their clothes wet. :o)

(Jamie took this photo)

We had lunch together in a big open meadow, then the kids romped around, hid in the tall grass, sketched a little with colored pencils and paper, and/or searched out bugs and caterpillars. I was too engrossed in relaxing on a blanket in the shade to think of picking up my camera at this point. If there had only been a restroom nearby, I think I could have been perfectly happy there all day long!

Cullen added a page about his creek experience to his nature notebook when we got home, then wanted to go again after dinner!

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Dawn said...

These picture are so beautiful. It looks like a fun day. I need to get my kids out on a nature walk again.