Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekly Report

Not so many pictures this week, although when I checked my camera earlier, I found twenty or so photos of flared nostrils and toes and elbows and other odd parts of my litte one. Maybe he needs a camera of his own!

I meant to post earlier this photo of our wall climber. Last weekend, after a monstrous amount of cotton candy (see Wednesday's post) he got to try something entirely new. He only made it about halfway up, which is exactly how far he climbed before he looked down the first time! That did it for him.

This was a good week for math at our house. We've been working about half of a lesson from Horizons a day and spending some time polishing up addtion facts. We should be back on a full lesson per day, four days a week, within 2 weeks. We usually do "fun" math on the 5th day. Cullen is proud of conquering addition with regouping this week!!!

Reading is progressing nicely. He really enjoys stories from The Beginner's Bible, and he also chooses an extra book to read to me each evening. Tuesday night, I got to hear an entire book about teeth in musical theatre-style song. We did the usual handwriting practice and copywork this week. Cullen is extremely excited to see that he's on the last few pages of his D'Nealian Handwriting workbook, so much that he wants to double up his work and finish sooner.

Memory work included our weekly Bible verse, Luke 6:31, "Do to others as you would like them to do to you," and the short poem, Singing Time.

Ancient Egypt was our focus this week in history and will be for next week, too. We read about mummies and pyramids from Story of the World Vol 1 and Usborne Book of World History, and we'll be reading Tutankhamen's Gift and Tut's Mummy...Lost and Found over the weekend together. (I've decided to switch completely to SOTW in place of CHOW as a history spine. I just prefer it so much more.) We also talked a little about the election process and the upcoming presidential election.

We had short piano practices and only a little bit of drawing this week. Science was very light, as well. Our planned nature studies on maple and pine trees will have to wait until next week. Cullen is dealing with a full-blown and nasty cold. As I type, he is slowly sipping some chicken noodle soup in his pajamas. This looks like a good weekend for cuddling up with a movie or a few books.


Rhonda said...

It sounds like a fabulous week.
Ancient Egypt is such a fun and interesting unit-I enjoy it as much as the kids.
Sorry about the cold-I hope Cullen feels much better soon.
~Have a wonderful week-end!

Karies place said...

I love visiting other peoples blogs. It's nice to know that others have the same, if not similar trials I have. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Yes, I am enjoying the fall weather. Also, just trying to keep my kids outside as much as possible till it's just too cold. They aren't always thrilled but eventually it will be too cold to go out and then they'll complain. lol


Karen said...

WOnderful week. I agree about CHOW and SOTW. I think SOTW is more readable. Hope he feels better.