Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello, Again. Hello.

I've been terribly neglectful of this blog, I know. Too much to do in too little time combined with a whopper of a cold to really make a mess of me lately. I'm beginning to feel like I might manage to make it through intact, though!

We've still been learning and covering all of the basics on our school schedule, just not necessarily according to the actual schedule. Math, reading, phonics, handwriting are all moving along extrememly well.

I've lightened up a little on the history these past few weeks mostly because I have been unable to read aloud without coughing. We managed to cover Ancient China pretty well in spite of this. After a short break for Christmas, we'll move on to Greece and Rome for the second part of the shool year.

So far, Real-Science-4-Kids Chemistry Pre-1 has been a big hit with Cullen. Then, he has loved everything we've done for science.

He did share with me not long ago that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. His motivation took me a little off guard: He wants to develop a way to turn his cousin Walker into a girl for at least a little while as a just payback for some prank in their history. As he spoke, Cullen drummed his fingers together and grinned wildly at the genius of his plan. Sometimes I think my son should have been born a cartoon!

The session of chess classes finished this week with an awards ceremony. Cullen was awarded third place in chess (as opposed to some of the other instructional games and awards for class point system.) Before the coach called his name, he said that in a class of 1st through 6th graders, it was very unusual for someone so young to place in the top three.

Now if he could just manage to beat his Dad...


jamie {rose cottage} said...

Way to go, Cullen! And I laughed out loud when you said he should've been born a cartoon character; he is a funny boy!

Lorna said...

Wow congratulations! Our daughter loves chess club too. I am happy if I manage to hold out in a game against her for more than ten minutes.