Thursday, February 12, 2009

Super Sentences

We've been working this week on writing sentences with plenty of detail. We begin with a short, plain and truly boring little sentence like "A pig ate." Then we brainstorm lists of possible adjectives, alternate nouns and verbs, as well as phrases telling where and when. (These exercises are from a resource book by Evan-Moor called Write a Super Sentence.) Cullen then will write a "super" sentence, either using our lists or whatever else he thinks of.

Of course, silliness is allowed and even encouraged here, so he has been enjoying this. Here are two of his sentences from this week:

A stinky girl burped in the toy box when a spider was in her nostril.

A stinky sow snorted in Daddy's shirt when I used the potty.

Can you tell the writer of these sentences is a little boy? But he does seem to be getting the point that details can make boring writing much more interesting, if possibly a little gross at the same time.

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Jenny in Ca said...

sounds very like the boys I have at my house. :)