Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Love Math!

We began exploring DIVISION today. Check out our fancy manipulatives! Yes, dried beans are fun at our house!

Cullen loves math - learning new concepts and solving problems that are challenging. I've discovered that if I go too many days with only review and drill, he becomes significantly less cooperative. (Did I say significantly?) Keeping the supply of interesting and new ideas steady keeps him engaged and happy and much more receptive to the daily review and drill of things he just needs to practice. When our Singapore curriculum doesn't have a fresh concept, I've been using some "living math" books on things like estimating, probability, really large numbers, etc.

I think we're finding our groove here!

Cullen actually burst out a few times today in shouts of "I love math!!!"

Now if I could just figure out how to draw out half this much enthusiasm for writing...

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Dawn said...

Great job making math something Cullen loves! Math is the subject that I have to work harder at than any other to keep my daughter interested- and I'm not always successful.