Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Study of Legos

Shouldn't following an intricately detailed Lego instruction manual count as school work?!?

I actually shortened math time to allow him to work on these. One of my goals for Cullen this year is for him to get a little better at continuing to work through when something is not easy, without throwing his hands up and quitting (or throwing whatever's in his hands up and quitting!) Plus it gave him the motivation to clean off his play table!


Barbara said...

I sure hope it counts towards math because we do that often at our home! Seriously, though, this is a great idea. My 11 year old still gets frustrated and wants to quit too early for my liking! Maybe we need to schedule some Lego Math, too!
I enjoy your blog! It's nice to read about another one child homeschool. I don't think it's more difficult than having more kids, but it IS different!

Sadie said...

Those direction manuals can be hard! And it does take a lot of self control not to give up when the building cracks apart in your hand as you put a piece on!