Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sudden Obsession

I mentioned in an earlier post that Cullen has suddenly gone crazy for drawing and writing. The level of this new interest is almost frightening in its intensity! He begs for breaks between his usual work in order to draw his latest ideas. I have wondered if this is really the same child!

There are sixty or more drawings just from the past couple of weeks. Most of these are intricate and filled with a number of things happening. You can tell he rushed to get it all out onto the paper, including little speech bubbles with characters interacting with each other. Each of these has a story that takes him several minutes to get through! Then there are a few drawings which he obviously slowed down for, taking greater care in the way things look. This farm scene took him about half an hour earlier this week.

I sometimes - okay, frequently - get somewhat obsessed with a new interest or a revived old one. I know exactly what it feels like to have a thousand ideas frantically running around in your head and the terrible urgency of trying to capture them on paper before they frizzle out.

Today, I am letting Cullen write the book he so desperately wants to work on - something about a boy and his "Boat of Youth." It sounds like the beginning of a real adventure story! The only other formal work this afternoon will be pared down to the basics. It is so easy to double up on history or science another day.

This day, we follow inspiration!

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