Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Update

The basketball season with our local Upward organization wrapped up this week. Cullen loved the pace of the game and learned quite a bit. This is definitely something we'll do again.

A new session of weekly enrichment classes began this week, with the usual Fun With Chess class and a second round of a clay art class. He recently started piano lessons with a terrific teacher and really seems to love learning to play. ( I made an effort to find a male teacher for the role model benefits.) We also bumped gymnastics up to two afternoons per week. There is plenty going on for our little guy in the enrichment/physical ed./social opportunities department!

As far as the basics are concerned, we've had an odd turn-around lately. In the past, Cullen would drag his feet and moan about being required to write anything that I asked of him, but would do math all day if I let him. Complete about face! Math (which is currently just review actually) has become a chore, but he's been writing a paragraph here and there, as well as a handful of requested sentences, without the slightest complaint. Reading over what I've just written here, I think I see a clue - "review" in math. Time to spice things up again, I guess!

The three R's are chugging along, with a greater emphasis on writing. My usual pattern for reading, as we don't use a ready-made reading program, has been to challenge him about three-quarters of the time, then allow some fun, easier reading from time-to-time. I want him to ENJOY reading! He's been reading selections (short stories) from Level 2 of the Junior Great Books anthology, which does a terrific job of stretching his vocabulary and also giving us some very interesting topics to discuss after he reads. I like that the stories represent a broad range of cultures. Wednesday, Cullen got to start a fun book, Jake Drake, Bully Buster, which he's loving. It is a funny take on a topic with which he can identify easily!

We've done no science at all, which is something I will try to remedy next week. For one part of history, we read this book about Martin Luther and the Reformation. Cullen actually found the subject interesting enough to have an extended conversation, especially as he realized that one man's actions so long ago had an effect on how our family worships today. (We are Baptist-flavored Protestant, in case you wondered.)

On his own, Cullen is working on writing and illustrating another book. This one is a space adventure with plenty of appropriately epic language (and a 7 year-old's spelling) called, Space Navy: the Rise of Abor. There is already talk of a sequel! ;o) I'll share more as he goes along.


Kash said...

Where does Cullen do gymnastics? I really need to find my guy a class - he outgrows the Y class after this session (eek, he's getting so big!). I thought about the Cobb County program just because it did seem to have a good emphasis on the boys' side and not just girls' but I haven't talked to anyone who's used it!

Moonbeam said...

It's great that Cullen was able to make the connection between history and present through Martin Luther. It sounds like you both had a wonderful week.

Daisy said...

Sounds like a well-rounded week. We enjoy that Luther picture book as well.

jonnia said...

Thanks for reading and leaving a few words! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Kash, We've not tried the county program, so I'm of no help there. Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta is terrific, though. Years ago, my daughter took classes there, so it was the first place we went for our youngest. He has a ball, and they do a great job teaching.

cyn said...

Sounds like a great week. Was also just reading some previous entries and had to say.' Welcome to the world Gavin!'...oh, and Oreo is sooooooo cute!!

Kash said...

Oh, even better, since we're looking at moving further northward. I didn't really want to drive back down to the Civic Center if we move up off Wade Green! :) TY!