Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moments That Shine

There are moments of this journey that just seem to rise up above the everyday - moments that encourage me and keep me motivated to do this work. If you teach children, you know exactly what I mean!

One example from our week: After riding in the car for just a few minutes with the local public broadcasting station playing, Cullen asked me what we were listening to on the radio. I answered that I couldn't tell yet.

"It sounds a lot like Bach," he offered.

Music lover that I am, my heart just swelled up that he even cared! My grin got even bigger when I realized that it was indeed a piece by Bach. Way to go, kiddo!

I wish I knew the story on this particular image!


Michelle said...

It's awesome when our children begin to pick up on things like that!

I love your home school room in the previous post-very inspiring!

Jorgelina said...

The image very fun!