Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Jamestown and Yorktown (a little late!)

Exploring a recreated Powhatan home near the Jamestown fort.

Learning how to make rope and all the ways it was used.

Scraping a hide with sharpened oyster shells is tougher than it looks!

The ships were very exciting to tour, with sailors on hand to answer questions.

Belowdecks, our guide explained different types of shot used with the cannon.

The reenactors were so authentic and eager to talk with us.

Except we couldn't understand a word from these two.
Everything was hands-on!

We each got to test the weight of the sword.
These two were entirely in their element here!
On to Yorktown and forward in time to the American Revolution...
Learning all about a REAL musket. (Note the toy one.)
Possibly the highlight of the trip for my son.
Details about the camp surgeon's work were a bit difficult to hear.

I especially liked the camp laundry area! Very interesting undergarments.


See Jamie blog said...

Even MORE jealous we didn't get to go! Maybe next year!

Mary said...

I am so jealous! We would have loved something like this. How blessed your family is! Great pictures.

Courtney said...

Wow! Great pictures! My girls would love to go.

Tina said...

Cullen, was so good to see you at the Sheep to Shawl festival this weekend. Hope you had a great time!

Julie said...

Very interesting! I love how the boys really got into it and it looked like they knew what they were reenacting!

Barbara said...

Wow! What a great learning opportunity! I'll have to put these on my homeschool wish list!! Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed the pictures!

gonzo39 said...

That looked like a really great day out, my little lad would of loved it. Would have to try stop him fighting with the sword though! Some great pictures and a great blog. Please take a look at mine if you get the chance.


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