Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Catch-up and a Wild, New Rug

Long time, no post, I know. When life gets too busy, the blog is the first thing to suffer. But I thought about you often and have much I hope to share in future posts!

The latest and most colorful development here is a new rug for our school room! Goofy boys are same as in previous posts.

We just finished up reading Sign of the Beaver together and are now into a quick and easy biography of Thomas Jefferson. In the past couple of weeks, the boys' math curriculums moved into alignment on the topic of operations with fractions. Frankly, I'm pretty tired fractions right now! For history, we've learned about the Constitution and the federal government, actually having some interesting conversations on the process by which a bill does or does not become a law. Once gun control issues were mixed into a boring history talk, suddenly these guys were totally engaged.

Another unusual occurrence this week - an apparent explosion in art class.  ;o)

One thing that is working out extremely well is the new Spelling Power curriculum we've just begun using. After a few weeks, I'll post a review for you, but I can say now that I'm loving it so far!

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