Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mirror, Mirror...

It occured to me today, as we cleaned out our little frog's home, that I have neglected to introduce you. I feel a little guilty about this, actually. I went on and on about the butterflies, but never once mentioned the frog, and she was here long before the caterpillars ever were!

We got our little tadpole in February from Grow-a-Frog and watched it daily with great whoops and delight at every little change. It stays in the water its entire life, just coming up for air. Originally, Cullen named it "Thomas" after the train, I'm sure. Thomas the tadpole sounds kinda cute though. Now that we have an increasingly fat frog, the name doesn't seem to fit quite so well. Cullen has been trying to come up with a new name that would also be okay if "Thomas" turns out to be a girl, which is what I think we have here. (Notice her lovely figure!) Today he decided on "Dookie." I think that is perfectly suitable and actually plays upon the little frog's unique personal talents! (grin)

Here is "Dookie" admiring her trifold reflection in the corner of her tank. Nowadays, we enjoy watching how quickly she snaps up her food pellets when we drop them into the water - just like catching bugs. I think we may have to come up with a bigger tank before too much longer. We may keep the red sand, though. Don't you think the color suits her?

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Dawn said...

I love frogs! That must have been so much fun.