Saturday, June 14, 2008

Odd Bird, New Words

Last night before bed, Cullen and I shared a little reading. He read Sheep In a Shop, to me, then chose for me to read the story of King Midas from a collection of classic tales and his favorite book, Tacky the Penguin.

Before we got into the story, we reminded ourselves what "tacky" means. As we got a page or two in, we talked about what "companions" means. Then Cullen stopped me after I read about Tacky's friends, how they were all so perfectly similar but "Tacky was an odd bird."

He put his finger to each penguin on the page and counted them off ...1..2......3...4......5.....then touching the picture of Tacky......6. "Mom, he's not odd! Six is EVEN! Don't they know that!?"

After he understood the other meaning of the word "odd" he seemed a bit relieved that the authors did, in fact, know what they were writing about! I'm just tickled he remembers the difference between odd and even and more importantly, that he caught and questioned the inconsistency with what he understood to be true. I hope he keeps and hones that ability, even though I know it will keep me on my toes!

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jamie in rose cottage said...

That's fabulous. Thanks for sharing! Did you see I mentioned you on my blog the other day? :-)