Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Week at the Beach

We've been really busy having fun here at the end of summer, just returning from a week at the beach! Eric and Taylor, Queenie and Papa, Dad, Cullen and I got to spend some time together enjoying the sun and shore. For part of the week, two of Cullen's cousins that we don't often see came to stay and play with us. Here is a photo of Cullen, Tucker and Fletcher ready to begin a little night-time crab hunting.

The sand crabs were so tiny that their little claws were no threat at all. We picked them up by hand! The boys would occasionally empty their catch out onto the sand in order to round up the same little crabs again. I tried to get photos of the critters, but they were so hard to see against the sand that you'd think I was just shooting buckets of sand.

Cullen is working on an entry in his Nature Notebook about his time at the beach. He wants to include the little crabs, the seagulls, waves and ocean, and doing cartwheels on a sandbar out a little way into the water. Where the cartwheel idea came from, I'm not entirely sure, but I watched him do them!

We celebrated Cullen's birthday on Wednesday while we were there. Queenie, Fletcher and Tucker helped assemble a Lego City Police set that Cullen got as a gift. (He's been saving his money for months to buy it, but was still about $20 short. Now he can buy a companion set.)

Time with big brother and sister was another big plus for Cullen this past week - for me, too!!! He adores both of them!

Dad and Eric also took Cullen golfing with them one day, and from what they say, he did pretty well. He was just tickled to get to play on a real course with the grown-ups instead of just the putt-putt places he would normally get to visit.

The swimming lessons were finished just before we left on this trip, and there was plenty of pool time to practice. Cullen enjoys swimming underwater now, whereas a few weeks ago that was absolutely not even an option!

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Jamie in Rose Cottage said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous time! I'd love to see Cullen's journal entry when he's done with it!