Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Enrichment Classes and Kudzu Blossoms

The new sessions began today with the Georgia Enrichment Program for Homeschoolers. Classes are held every Wednesday at a small former school not far from us. Cullen has two classes: Fun With Chess and Hands-On Robotics with a lunch time between the two. Many of the kids and parents brought lunch and ate together. There was time for a little free play and getting to know each other, too.

According to Cullen, the classes were really fun. His competitive nature is showing though - he's all excited to find out that there are chess tournaments and robotics competitions. His eyes are full of the medals and trophies he plans to win after he masters these new skills! Well, I guess he comes by it honestly...

The other children and Moms seem to be really friendly. Of course, Cullen doesn't have a shy cell in his body, so he dove right into groups, chatting away. I like that there is a range of ages in each class. Everyone seemed to get along well, and especially in the robotics class, the older kids were helping the younger with patience and respect, not treating them like babies at all.

Behind the building where everyone meets are mountains of kudzu vine climbing over trees, bushes, etc. As much an annoyance as these plants are, they have the most incredibly sweet-smelling blossoms, similar to grape-flavored candy! I spent half an hour at least wandering along the edge of it just to breathe it in! They don't last long at all if picked, so I only plucked one to share with Cullen and a few stray children running around.

Overall, it was a great day. Cullen is making new friends and learning new things, I got to meet several new potential friends AND I spent some time along the edge of a blooming kudzu patch!


jamie in rose cottage said...

Wow, you captured a photo of the elusive kudzu blossom! Seriously, they're hard to find! But we did have kudzu jelly once at a B&B we stayed at in North Carolina, and it was good!

Faith Girl said...

Cool kudzu flower! And thanks for commenting! :-)