Thursday, October 21, 2010

Impromptu Nature Study/Writing Session

Frankly, there are some days that I feel I'm dragging my child through the day's schoolwork.

Then there are days that he jumps in of his own accord, with his own interests and questions and ideas. Like this day.

In early morning, wearing pajamas still, he went out with binoculars, paper, pencil and clipboard to do a little nature study from our back deck. Then he wrote a fictional, but realistic piece on the hawk that frequents our back yard. As he shared it indoors with us later, he was quick to point out that his spelling was a mess, but that he intended to edit it and make corrections soon. I couldn't say a word - only smile and give him a hug!


See Jamie blog said...

And those are the days that get us through the others. :)

Faith Girl said...

I think that I want a back deck now. We also have two hawks that hang out around our yard. They are very interesting to watch.

TerriG said...

That I call is a good day, we have our share of these. I must remember to take a picture.

Lynda said...

These moments make up for so many of the others when you don't think you will have any hair left. What a blessing.