Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photos from Orlando, FL, Trip

 Finally learned the difference between Chip and Dale!

 The bus stop was just as much fun as any ride.
 Some Minnie Mouse sweetness!

Some frozen, fruity sweetness!

 Some undersea awesomeness!

 Same shot I took of my oldest two about 15 years ago - unconcerned Dad and all.

 The new Harry Potter area was incredibly crowded, but cool.

 Gun show!

 The Lego-ness Monster

 Chuck made his acting debut in a big way! Go, Dad!

 The Lego store was a daily stop for us.

Cullen on safari. It didn't actually smell bad at all; he's just really good at dramatic anticipation!

The unavoidable waiting-around time gave us a chance to rest our feet and enjoy hanging out together. Overall, it was a terrific get-away!

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See Jamie blog said...

The Lego-ness Monster is amazing! :)