Friday, September 7, 2012

What a summer!


First away-from-home camp with church friends got mixed reviews. Looks like he had fun, but he wants either his dad or me to chaperone next year if he goes again.

This was Cullen's fourth year at Kid Chess Day Camp. His friend, Jackson, came, too, this time making it even more fun.

Of course, there were plenty of lazy moments like this.

Take advantage of all the cuddle time you can, Dad. He is growing too fast!

Hamming for the camera on his tenth birthday.

We took a stop in Chattanooga with friends. He is practicing being taller than me here.

The long walk underground through caverns to see Ruby Falls was full of wonders, but it was a little chilly that deep inside of a mountain.

Cullen was fascinated with the shark exhibits and especially the live sharks at the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg.

Which one of you is Nemo?


Ziplining in Gatlinburg was a blast! He showed no fear whatsoever. We could have done this for hours more. Next time...

Rafting on the Pigeon River required a little more nerve. The rapids were kid-friendly but did knock him off his seat a few times. Our boat mates are Estelle, a friend from high school, and her son, Kaden. And of course, our guide who did all of the actual work.


The usual silliness with Walker during a visit to Six Flags. The water park area made a hot, muggy day turn out to be big fun.
                    Ready for the new school year!

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Mary said...

Lots of awesome adventures happening! We love visiting caverns- they are so cool!