Friday, December 7, 2012

A Peek at Our Week

This has been a week of crazy ups and downs with Cullen's nasty cold, fever and unexplained sleep challenges. Even in the most difficult times, there are moments that shine. And I am especially thankful for the flexibilty of learning at home when he isn't feeling well.

His favorite activity of the week, by far, was his science experiment. There is something about mixing up random household substances into sometimes slimy, smelly or bubbly combinations. Yes, he was making observations looking for indications that a chemical change had occurred, but he is enough of a boy that his lab sheet has one entry that reads, "React, bubbles, poopy colored fizz."

Book in progress this week is Lassie, Come Home, which is filled with new vocabulary, but he is completely immersed in the story. Dividing with decimals is our current focus in math. In history, we've just come through the War of 1812, and Cullen has done notebook pages for Presidents Madison and Monroe. We are both enjoying Grammar Town as we finish it up.
Though too sick to make his piano lesson this week, he is just beginning a new level of instructional books and working on some Christmas songs. There are little duet parts for the instructor to play, which I am trying to polish up so I can play with him.

Since he was awake till some point after midnight last night, then up this morning at 4:00, unable to go back to sleep, I foresee a day of more lying around on the couch than heavy academics.

Maybe we'll just do a little decorating for Christmas and drink hot chocolate.

Sounds like a plan!



Adamant Academy said...

AWWW poor kiddo! You still had a pretty good week despite being sick!

Amish Author Sicily Yoder said...

I like your blog. I am a foster momma, although my kids are grown and I now have four grandchildren.