Friday, January 25, 2013

Enrichment Classes

Cullen has been enjoying a couple of fun enrichment classes through a local homeschool group, GA-EPH. Every Wednesday morning, he meets with other homeschoolers for an art class and a hands-on science class.
The art teacher presents information on a particular artist or art movement, the class discusses, then the kids work on a related project. Here are a couple of Cullen's creations.

Watercolor Weaving

Pop Art Sculpture

In his second class, he is exploring electricity and magnetism with a TOPS unit and a great teacher who encourages the kids to dig in on their own. Cullen zapped his fingers a few times during the first few classes, frustrating himself, but now seems to have a handle on how to prevent accidental shocks. I like the TOPS simplicity and inquiry-based format so well, I will likely order more of these to use at home.


Another benefit of this type of class is the opportunity for cooperative learning and collaboration. Being a one-child homeschool, we have to be intentional in finding ways to practice these. Working on a project with Mom just isn't the same!

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