Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Update with an Epic Science Experiment

I am finally resolved that our days will never be as structured and scripted as most people think school should be. As long as the learning is happening and the little neurons are firing, that is enough.

History this week covered topics of slavery, which will be picked up on again later, and western expansion with readings from A History of U.S., The New Nation, a book on The Oregon Trail, and a handful of BrainPop videos.

Reading history lesson aloud in the voice of an old pioneer woman while wearing your pajamas and wallowing around on the floor with your dog is just one of many advantages to learning at home.

Cullen is reading A Wrinkle in Time, which was one of his big sister's favorites at his age. (I still have to read this myself. Maybe I'll borrow his copy after he goes to bed.) The highlight from language arts learning this week has to be a session of taking turns creating sentences with direct objects, indirect objects and subject complements, then identifying those elements in the other's sentences. The subject matter got sillier as we went along.

The biggest news from our week is shown in this video from Cullen's experiment in science class: