Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

Things are clipping along here in most areas. My focus is now on encouraging and enabling Cullen to take more responsibilty for his own learning. Baby steps are still progress and will be celebrated as such! There are, of course, things that we will continue to do together because they work better that way AND because I like spending time with this young man of mine. He seems to really enjoy our discussion-driven MCT language arts, asking for it nearly every day. Truth is, he'd rather talk than read or write any day. Now that I know this, I am not above taking full advantage of it!

Snapped this while he was watching and listening to today's math lesson. Thinking cap??

Kid Coder Windows Programming is new to our curriculum mix this past week. (My cousin, Jamie, reviewed this recently on her blog.) Cullen has been pointing out things he already knows, that he picked up on his own for scripting games on Roblox. Those were his words; I am only loosely understanding what that means. He has the gumption to go find out what he needs to know, which is terrific! Hopefully he can fill in the gaps with this and move on to learning Java soon. He is eager to learn to "make mods" for Minecraft. Again, I think I know what that means.

We really enjoyed seeing Black Violin with Drums in concert last week. I say concert, but it was really more of a giant violin party. Giant, as in 3000+ screaming kids who were seriously loving what they were hearing. These classically trained musicians have developed their own mash-up of classical music with an infusion of hip-hop for a terrific high-energy sound. If you get the chance to see them in your town, don't miss it. Cullen already downloaded their album from iTunes and now wants to learn to play the violin. (grin)

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Chef Penny said...

Any step is a progress even if it's a baby step! Great week!