Monday, May 5, 2008

Fluttery Friends

Did you know that butterflies are sometimes clumsy? We've laughed quite a bit at these little guys bumping into each other, flipping off flower blossoms, etc. Maybe a little more room to fly and a gentle breeze will help them develop a little gracefulness, or at least give the impression!

Here is Cullen serving breakfast to his fluttery charges. I am pleased to report that he refrained from drinking all of the butterflies' sugar-water. Of course, now that I've stepped out of the room...

A couple of weeks ago, Cullen began a page for his notebook illustrating the life cycle and changes of our caterpillars/butterflies. We'll finish that up today with another drawing, a few observations and photos.

I think I've enjoyed this as much as Cullen! Next, we have an earthworm farm to get started. That should be fascinating, as well, but maybe with more "yuck" than "wow" - at least on my part.

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