Saturday, May 3, 2008


They're here!!! Well, technically, they've been here, but now they are out! All but one, which was the last little caterpillar to settle down into its metamorphosis. We're expecting to see him stretch his wings hopefully tomorrow. The first Painted Lady butterfly appeared late yesterday, then one by one, the others followed. Through the afternoon, Cullen would call out, "Mom, another one just got out!"

He enjoyed reaching into the netting to let a butterfly walk on his hand. This only happened because he just recently learned that they don't have teeth of any kind, only a "curly straw mouth!" (Proboscis is a difficult word to remember.) We placed drops of sugar-water on flower blossoms in the bottom of the habitat and quite a few dropperfuls into Cullen's mouth in the process. He seemed a bit surprised that his taste preferences and the butterflies' are so alike! I'll add photos tomorrow. We plan to let them go after a little more work in our flower beds.

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