Friday, May 30, 2008

Lazy Day Poetry

We've been taking it a little on the easy side today. (Or yesterday - I think it's past midnight.) After Cullen's first Baseball Skills class this morning, where he had more fun goofing off with a new friend than doing anything with ball or bat, we spent the day at home. Neither of us have felt completely well, fighting a cold-type bug, so we just spent time hanging out together. Dad is out of town, so I got all of the cuddling today!

After dinner and a few games - the old standard, Trouble, and our favorite math game, Sum Swamp - Cullen asked me if we could make some poetry together. Totally out of the blue! Well, I absolutely love poetry, serious to silly and all in between, so of course my answer was yes.

Here is one of our collaborative efforts for your enjoyment. He said that making the words fit into a poem was like doing a puzzle. Exactly! Cullen hopes you all find the ending as funny as he intended it. (???) He cracks himself up!

The snake woke up one day
And decided he wanted to play,
But whenever he came near
Everyone ran away in fear,
Until one little boy said,
"Hi, Snake!"

We read a little of Shel Silverstein's funny verse before going to bed. That was really not the best choice for settling down, though. We had to read something next that didn't make us laugh so hard.


Jamie - RoseCottage said...

Great poem, Cullen! Kathry loves poetry, too, and sometimes gets so tickled reading it that she can't even keep talking!

Dawn said...

That's a wonderful poem! I hope you feel better soon.