Monday, July 12, 2010

Blue Angels at the Beach

What a whirlwind the past few days have been! We just returned from a quick trip to Pensacola Beach to visit with a few family members and to see the air show. Cullen and I drove down with my mom and my youngest sister, Tia.

These two are big buddies.

Though we didn't find an intact one, there were plenty of sand dollar chunks to discover in the seaweed.

My Dad, my brother and his family and one of my cousins and his new family came over on Saturday to watch the air show. We were a bit away from the center of the action, so the beach wasn't too crowded for us to play. My Dad spent some time showing Cullen and his cousin, Alec, how to properly bury someone in the sand.

I wish I were a better photographer or that I had a video camera handy to better capture the planes flying for the show. Here are a couple of quick shots of the Blue Angels. They flew so fast, it was hard to catch up with them!

I think my Mom enjoyed the air show more than the kids!

Though the water was pretty much clear to the eye, except for the usual seaweed, Cullen did bring me a small tar ball from the waves at one point. I found a shell with a coating of oil inside, and there were a few times that we could clearly smell it on the wind. I love the ocean so much that it hurts to even think about damage from the oil spill. Knowing it is out there made this time enjoying the waves and sand even more precious.

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