Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chess Camp Hocus Pocus

When I picked up Cullen this afternoon from day 2 of chess camp, I had to wait a few minutes for him to finish up a game with his friend Scarlett. They were playing on the coveted giant floor set, so there was no chance of stopping the game.

Apparently Cullen is trying some new tactics these days. This looked a great deal like the air bending moves from Avatar! Not sure how effective that actually was for him, but he did win the match. There is something to be said for distracting your opponent!


Robyn said...

Oh my goodness, we want one of those giant chess sets so badly! We played one recently on a trip and haven't been able to find one since we got home. Do you know where you can get one?

So glad you joined in on Mingle Monday!

jonnia said...

Robyn, check out this set on

There are a few more available if you search "giant chess."

I'm enjoying finding new blogger friends through Mingle Monday!!

Samantha said...

That giant chess board is really cool!

I saw in your sidebar that you are Jamie's cousin - what a small world! I regularly read her blog and enjoy it.

Thank you for your comment about the writing menus - I'm glad they were helpful. The book "Writing Menus" is good and a quick read if you can find it at your local library.


gypsyreeves said...

so cool! you stopped by my blog thought i would stop in and say hi!