Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keepin' it Real - The Big Clean-up

Our school year begins in just a couple of weeks. The school room IS NOT ready!!! So instead of diving in to tackle the mess, I took the time to record the chaos in photos and write this post, sharing the ugly truth with you. Keepin' it real, yes, but I am also quite aware that this is just another clever method of procrastination! 

Most of my planning was done last May. Most, maybe all, curriculum had already been purchased. I left stacks of books out in the school room because I still need to do the detailed plans for the first six weeks or so. Then summer happened. Everything just sat contentedly waiting for me to get back to it. I wish! 


Cullen also uses this room as a hang-out/play room. My neatly ordered stacks were shoved aside to make room for comic books, Legos and assorted and sundry action figures. You can see that our body boy on the door no longer sports any lower legs. I'm fairly certain that the puppy ate them at some point.

The play table has been piled high with just about everything to make way for a fort, for which Cookie obviously does not have the necessary password.

Culling through books for the "give away or save for the grandbaby" box has been only half finished for several weeks now, and though it really shouldn't surprise me, I'm wondering where all of this stuff came from!.

The closet actually isn't as bad as I expected as I opened the door, but still ...

The old entertainment center with art supplies and the tv/dvd setup (which we use for educational purposes) as well as the video game system (which Cullen wishes could be justified as an educational use of time) shouldn't take too much to make neat.  Look at the oddball things up top, though. Why have I kept that dancing chicken?

Okay. I'm off to the kitchen for a fortifying snack, (I know, more procrastinating.) then we'll tackle the mess. Now that you've seen the "before" pics, my personal sense of pride will require "after" photos as soon as possible. Thanks for the motivation!


One Christian Mom said...

Wow, you have a lot of resources - and a nice room! We have our stuff on a bookcase that is in sad need of a cleaning off as well. I think that's just the nature of having a school in your home - at some point the stuff gets disorganized and a project ensues. I look forward to your after pics :)
God Bless!
Shellie (from thehomeschoollounge.)

Anonymous said...

The picture of Cookie next to the fort is adorably hilarious!

Also, great idea for procrastination, and hopefully it will work as motivation! :)

Hen Jen said...

I feel for you, I am a procrastinator, too. I feel like I just now got to the part of summer I can relax and enjoy- we've been soo busy. But, I now school start is just around the corner, and I need to sort through our piles of stuff, too. My homeschool closet looks much like yours.
Good luck!

Kari said...

Thanks for keepin it real and posting pics. I don't feel so bad anymore. My plan to tackle my chaos is to hire an organizer or pay one of my teens to clean up. Probably the later.
Happy Cleaning!

By the way your son is adorable :)

Samantha said...

It IS hard to get things back in order for the new school year!


Denise said...

Stopping by from the Blog Hop~ makes me really wish I had a school room! Alas, our house is too small!
I am now following and look forward to reading more posts!

Dee said...

Great room, even with a mess! I love how bright and enticing everything is. Obviously the school room is the place to be so that's a huge bonus. :)

You'll get that room ship shape in no time, I'm sure... or as with all homeschoolers find a way to continue on around it.

Take care!

(Hopping through from the Hip Homeschool Hop)