Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ancient Art

This afternoon, I took Cullen down to the High Museum of Art to see the exhibit of ancient art and artifacts from the Louvre. Over the next several months, we'll be learning a little about the first civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and China. This exhibit covered much but not all of those. We're also really looking forward to the TerraCotta Warriors from China that will be coming within the next few months.

We have some hands-on crafty-type activities planned to go along with our history, which should be fun. Now when we sit down to write like a Sumerian on a clay tablet or with heiroglyphs like an Egyptian, we know first-hand what the real thing looks like!
There were some really amazing things included in this exhibit!!! The huge Tiber sculpture, partially pictured above, was absolutely stunning. Cullen was unexplainably fascinated with its feet. Well, they were pretty big! One of the most surprising items was an Egyptian sarcophagus for a cat. Can you tell I thoroughly enjoyed myself?

Before we left, we took a stroll through the folk art and contemporary exhibits, which were really big hits with Cullen, especially the odd glass sculptures. Looking around at everything, he announced, "This is the coolest!"

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