Monday, September 15, 2008

Math Snapshot

I thought I'd give a peek into our math time. (Maybe I'll cover some of our other subjects over the next few days, also.) Cullen is using the Horizons Math 2 this year. It is a little advanced, maybe, for his real grade level, but the Miquon curriculum we used last year, as well as his own love of math, has him ready for this. He does balk sometimes at a page which requires tons of writing. I usually have him do about half of the problems in writing, and if I feel he needs a little more work to firm up his understanding of a concept, we'll do the rest of it orally. His stamina for writing is improving, but still needs work - that's another post, though! You can see in the photo that we keep "brain food" on hand! Goldfish pretzels are a necessity for math time.

Cullen is working every day on his addition facts, trying to get a little faster with them. Flash cards and games are standard for us, but we do try to mix it up a little. Here he is using Learning Wrap-ups to see how quickly he can get his +3 facts correct. We love these little gadgets! Plus, they give Cullen a reason to wallow around on the floor. Might as well have fun!

We are off now to our very first Cub Scout meeting, and I think I am just as excited as Cullen is!

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jamie in rose cottage said...

Ooo, Cub Scouts! I'm looking into Brownies for Kathryn. And those wrap-ups--I still haven't ever used them, but I like the idea.