Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cub Scouts, Spider Eggs & French-Accent Rap

We have a new salute! Cullen is learning the basics of how to be a cub scout, and he's enjoying it thoroughly so far. Next Monday evening, his pack will be having a Raingutter Regatta with lung-powered little sailboats. We are just getting started on ours and expect to be painting it over the weekend. Of course, Boy Scouts means selling gourmet popcorn, too, so if any of you are really interested in purchasing some caramel or chocolate-covered popcorn, please let me know! We will set you up!

An update on our favorite spider from an earlier post: the spider has disappeared and left a large, untended and tattered web. We found a rather large egg sac a little farther up in the shrub, though, and we will be watching as the season changes for signs of little baby spiders emerging.

The earlier part of this week was much too hectic with my business requiring time normally dedicated to schooling. Not that anyone is looking over my shoulder, but I really do not like to get behind with Cullen's work. Today has been more than I could have asked for! Cullen has had the best attitude, and there have been no interruptions! We are completely caught up with where I think we should be. Even his handwriting practice brought no complaints, and when he was writing out the names of the continents, he produced probably the most beautiful word he has ever written. For just a few seconds, I thought I must have written it. Of course, later in the day when he composed and wrote a few sentences on his own about his favorite game, his handwriting somehow reverted back to its usual appearance!

Cullen added a little zing to his reading selection today by doing the whole story of Ruth and Naomi from his Beginner's Bible as a French-accent rap song, complete with beatbox noises between paragraphs. Keep in mind that any French accent he has managed to obtain has likely come from cartoon sources only. I was able to supress my giggles and pretend that I noticed nothing unusual, but just barely. As long as he is reading correctly and clearly, he can do as he likes to make it fun. Or funny!

This evening, we'll read together about Johnny Appleseed in honor of his birthday tomorrow. If you see Cullen carrying a pot on his head tomorrow, you'll know why!


jamie in rose cottage said...

Wish I could have heard that reading!!! And holy moly--that's one big spider egg sac. Yikes!

Alison said...

Wow, what an amazing spider nest!

Taylor said...

That's histeracle! I wish I could have heard his rap! I bet he loves being a cub scout

Brenda Anderson said...

what kind of spider nest is it? i have one on my house

Jonnia Smith said...

Brenda, it was a Writing Spider that made this egg sac. They are yellow and black with long legs and spin big, elaborate webs.