Wednesday, September 10, 2008

History Center Visit

Yesterday, along with my sister, Windee, her son, Walker, our cousin, Jamie, and her daughter, Kathyrn, we spent the day at the Atlanta History Center's homeschool day event featuring demonstrations of 19th century farm skills and crafts. I even learned a few things!

Costumed re-enacters demonstrated and explained the way things were done over 150 years ago. The small working farm at the center had sheep, chickens and small patches of corn, cotton and vegetables. We learned about cooking and kitchens, dyeing wool, spinning wool into thread, making pottery, dipping candles, woodworking and a little about blacksmithing. Most surprising to Cullen - discovering the outhouse!

This gentleman not only showed us how furniture was made, but also went into great detail about shoes of the period. Did you know that shoes were made to fit either your left or right foot? You would put on a new pair of shoes, soak your shod feet in water, then let the shoes dry on your feet in order to get the best fit from the new leather. Metal hobnails and heel plates were standard to provide a little traction on the slick bottoms.

The kids got to make their own clay bowls. Ours is still drying in the kitchen; we plan to add some paint in a few days.

Candle-dipping took a bit of patience, but he came home with a little-bitty candle!

Of the permanent exhibits in the history center, Cullen enjoyed the old phone the most. He's still talking this morning about the fact that you didn't dial numbers, you asked the operator to connect your call.

We had a great time - mostly because we shared the whole experience with our best buddies!

Jamie and Kathryn have each posted about our visit. Check them out!


jamie in rose cottage said...

I've just posted about this, too... and so did Kathryn!

Alison said...

Living history museums are great. Isn't it nice to go when other kids are in school and it's quiet!