Friday, January 8, 2010

Experiential Science

This morning, Cullen got some hands-on experience with GRAVITY, RESISTANCE and PROPERTIES OF ICE.

Seriously, with all of the local schools out today because of the icy roads and the neighborhood full of squeals and screams as the kids slid around, there was no way we could tackle any of our regularly scheduled learning until we joined in for a while. So we dug out a cardboard box, which is what passes for a sled here in the deep south, and headed outside.

It is so cold and I am such a wimp that we didn't manage to stay out too long. The older kids across the street were experimenting with pouring water on their sloping drive to make a faster place to slide. I wanted to get my kid inside before the serious daredevil runs began. He thinks he can keep up with anyone and anything, but I don't think I could watch that. I told you I was a wimp.

Now Cullen is warming up with a cup of hot chocolate, and I'm thinking some snuggle time on the sofa with a couple of books and a blanket would be just about perfect. At least until he starts begging to go out again!


Kash said...

Isn't it great? You'd think we got feet of snow, as excited as the kids are. :) Our road is pretty much clear, though.

Cara said...

Looks like tons of fun! I want to go sledding. It's so flat here that even if we got icy roads we couldn't go anywhere.