Monday, January 11, 2010

What's Really Going Around Here

Not that you can tell from my last two posts, but we are actually doing some intentional learning around here. This is some of what's happening this week:

For science, Cullen has begun a month-long unit on the human body that I've pulled together from multiple sources - those shown in the photo, as well as activities from the R.E.A.L. Life Science curriculum. So far, this has been fun for both of us.

Here is the life-size model he is putting together as he goes along. It so far only has a brain and a heart. Cullen thinks this thing is hilarious, speaking to it and addressing it as himself!

Every Wednesday this quarter, he'll be participating in a WeDo Lego Robotics class, which satisfies his craving for technologically-based science. (Did I just make up a term?)

This will be a relatively light week for history, but one book I am looking forward to is this on Gutenberg's printing press.

Spelling, Explode the Code bk. 5, Bible Explorers, assorted reading assignments and vocabulary are all moving along with no surprises or changes. I am finishing up plans with some new writing and literature resources which we should begin next Monday, or maybe later this week because I'm excited about it. Watch for a post on this soon.

For math, we are doubling up on topics in order to keep things interesting. Cullen is beginning to work with fractions while doing some intensive practice with counting money and making change. Of course, as long as I let him use his play money, this is a game, not work!

Personally, I am struggling with getting back to a routine, though I desperately need to get this habit firmed up again. This is my goal to work toward for the week, and as scattered as I can usually be, it is seriously challenging!


{ jamie } said...

Sounds great! We're not back in the swing of things yet, either. We had one light week last week, then we're out of town part of this week, so it'll be another light week. But next week we should be on track -- or at least closer, anyway!

Chef Penny said...

Sounds like a good week to me! It always takes me longer to get back on track than the children. lol