Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekly Report

Though not quite what I'd call a perfect week as far as work is concerned, I've decided to lighten up on myself a little after putting together thoughts for this post. Apparently we accomplished a little more than I realized!

The Renaissance has been exciting to read about. There will be a few more weeks for us to dig into this era. Cullen is very interested in the artists of the period, so quite a few projects are in the plans. Leonardo Da Vinci got most of our attention these past few days. There is a special exhibit here in Atlanta at the High museum on him that we should really go see.

Cullen read The Littles this week. What a cute book! Spelling, phonics, Bible Explorer lessons went nicely. We added in a little review of map skills and began a focus on adjectives. For memory work, Christina Rossetti's "Who Has Seen the Wind?" is almost ready for reciting for others.

In the area of writing, we paid special attention to choosing specific and interesting topics and in choosing good details that pertain to it. Today, Cullen did a pre-writing exercise for a paragraph on "The Life of the Blabbering Boot." Does his choice of title catch your attention!?! After he wrote out lists of details he would include, he announced to me that he thought he might go ahead and actually write this. I smiled and decided not to mention that that is exactly what I have down in my planner for next Monday. He can claim that as his own idea if he likes!

For math, he finished up Singapore 2B workbook and we just today began Horizons 3, with plans to supplement occasionally with Singapore, especially the word problems.

The human body study wrapped up today, as well. The life-size model and all readings are done. I imagine we'll have to keep this guy up on the door for awhile. We've gotten somewhat attached to him!


Daisy said...

Love the life sized model! That is one handsome boy in that header! Great picture. My son love the Little's books.

Karen said...

Wonderful week. I love the body too - we did one a few years ago and plan to do one for the next child too.

Keri said...

Our body models have been up for more than a year. :-)

Kash said...

That sounds like a great week to me! We keep meaning to get down to the Da Vinci exhibit, too. Stay warm this weekend - brrr.

{ jamie } said...

Kathryn and I love Christina Rosetti! And I still think that body model is super cool!

Smrt Mama said...

I love that human body!

Maybe this will help me convince Kash (aka Patchfire) to go to the DaVinci exhibit with me. :)

Parrothead said...

Sounds like a great week. Where did you get the life size model?

jonnia said...

Parrothead, the pattern for the body model came from a resource called, unsurprisingly, My Body, from Teacher Created Resources. I'm not getting a link to work right, but you can copy and paste:

The readings included are fairly simple. We added a few other books that I had picked up for a little more depth.

Smrt Mama, if you manage to talk Kash into a field trip, give me a holler!

Thanks to each of you!!!

Cyn said...

What a great week! Sadly, our life size cut out ( who was named Barry...Barry Body) ripped when when moved house recently. He had a great life on the school room door..bits being added to him over time.