Friday, January 29, 2010

Flash Card Circus Act

This little guy has always been energetic, to say the least. Being at home for school, we can accommodate his need for extra wiggle time throughout the day, while still working to increase the amount of time he can manage to sit upright in a chair being relatively still. He can usually do 20-25 minutes of seatwork before needing a break, longer if the seat is comfy, and he can behave well through a church service. For his age, I think that is perfectly fine. I can actually see evidence that his mind is free to work better when it isn't putting so much energy into trying to stop movement. The wiggles don't usually interfere with his learning anything. The challenge has been for me to remain unaffected by them!

Some examples of wiggles while learning: The entire first semester of his first grade year, phonics was done always and only under the table. He often fiddles with small things in his hand when he listens to a read-aloud and will sometimes wallow around on an exercise ball for thinking-intensive work (never handwriting practice though!) We move from table to floor to couch to table during the course of the day. The latest craze has been lying on his back on the floor, balancing his chair on his feet as I quiz him on math facts. He claims it helps him think better.

I'm wondering if things like this can count toward P.E.


Angela said...

Lol, I have a wiggly student as well! Tonight we did math while she crawled up and down the staircase. For history, I let her color while I read aloud. Balancing the chair, that she's never done. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh that gives me hope for Gabe, he can do nothing still...its been a challenge for Trey and I to adapt to. Being in Pre-K he has a little more freedom but I worry about next year. We have tried fidget seats, and balls, he too has to have something in his hands at all times, especially when we read. I think a common misconception is that he is not paying attention, and I have found that not to be the case, he can internalize better when his hands are occupied...the whole sitting through church thing we haven't quite figured out yet....