Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Legos and Bach

After a session of seat work with heavy pencil involvement, I usually allow Cullen a play break. He's enjoying one now with his Legos and a cd of Bach, our composer for the month, that I turned on for him. He just called out to me a few minutes ago, "Mom! You have to come hear this!" Of course, I wonder if he has switched to a different cd. The player was quiet when I walked into the room. He made sure I was ready to listen, then pressed a button. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, loud and enormously dramatic, filled the room. Cullen was completely enchanted with this big, dramatic piece! I hear it playing again from the next room as I type.

Don't get me wrong. He absolutely loves a hip hop beat and old 70's music. I am just thrilled that his mind is still open to finding what is beautiful and moving in classical music.

A few weeks ago, my husband said to me with a bit of amazement that Cullen was "so...(pause to search for right word) cultured for a kid his age."

I laughed, and answered, "I'm really trying!"

There are sometimes moments in this home-learning journey that make up for all the work and the difficult days. This little bit of wonder at a truly impressive piece of music was definitely one of them!



Kash said...

I love those moments! Today's memorable moment was my guy dancing (topless) to "I Love Rock and Roll" - not nearly so timeless, lol! :)

Angela said...

That is awesome! I've been starting to play classical music as she plays. She tells me that she is listening to The Little Einsteins... Someday she WILL be cultured, lol!